- 8 Years of Forecasting and Meteorological Experience
- Master's In Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University
- AMS Certified
- Seasoned in Writing Understandable Science Reports

- Built Comprehensive Historical Weather Website
     - Historical Website Offers Quick Snapshot of Past Weather
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"I would highly recommend The Weather Collector for prompt, economical and useful information." - Law Offices of Randall M. Weiner, P.C.


-Written Reports of Past Weather
-Oral Testimony of Past Weather
-Free Initial Phone Consultation

We specialize in slip and falls, car accidents, flood damage, snow removal, hail damage, wind damage, weather insurance claims, and many other weather related disputes.

Our written reports range from very simple 1 page reports to more detailed reports that can be over 20 pages. An example of a simple report would be a two day snowfall total summary.

An example of a more detailed report would be the weather conditions leading up to a car accident on a wet road. This might include hourly rainfall rates, visibility, temperature, wind speed, and many other atmospheric variables.

If you would like to see an example of what our reports look like, email us at

We also provide oral testimony for court or depositions; please email us so we can set up a free phone consultation and get the necessary information about your case.

Our Mission
Email us at the address above with any questions, and read the mission statement below from our president.

Why should you care that I built a historical weather website (The Weather Collector)?
Because it shows just how passionate I am about tracking down past weather information. I started this website because there was not a simple and easy way to obtain historical weather data. This project took me several years and the final product now has attracted over 40,000 visits to the site. In the process of building the site, I learned even more about where to find historical weather data, and how to better use it to reconstruct past events.

As someone who orally presents weather information to the public on a regular basis, my passion is not just limited to science; it also includes the communication of this information. This translates to confidence and clarity during deposition and court testimony. My communication experience also provides me with the tools to write accurate, succinct, and clear reports.

With a Master of Science degree in meteorology from one of the top atmospheric science schools, Pennsylvania State University, I have the scientific expertise to track down the data that you need for your case. With access to high resolution radar and satellite data, as well as thousands of weather stations across the country, The Weather Collector ensures that our written reports and oral testimony are always thoroughly researched.

In addition to providing accurate and complete data, I present the data in a way that best answers the questions surrounding your case. When using The Weather Collector service, you will always be offered every piece of data that could help your case. Just the same, you won’t waste time and money dealing with irrelevant information.